Aerospace – Civil Aviation

Brazil has participated actively in the discussions of the Aeronautical Sector Understanding at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – OECD. These meetings intended to restore a level playing field among nations, which host the main actors in the aeronautical industry, particularly regarding the conditions of financing mechanisms and credit guarantees.

Although Brazil is not an OECD member, it took part in the revisory process as a full member and made concrete proposals in all rounds. These negotiations culminated in the Aircraft Sector Understanding 2007 (ASU) applied to export credits for civil aircraft with official support endorsed by all participants, which includes a specific model of pricing to financing operations/security/export credit insurance for aircraft among other things.

The ASU rules shall be applied to new and used aircraft, aeronautical turbines, turbines for replacement, replacement parts, replacement services, the maintenance of aircraft and engines, conversion kits, and aircraft turbines. However, the same agreement does not apply to military aircraft or its services and flight simulators.