General Informations

The officially supported Export Credit Insurance aims to guarantee export credit operations against commercial, political and extraordinary risks that may affect Brazilian exports of goods and services.


Considering the obligations assumed by Brazil before international organizations related to crimes of laundering, bribery, and acts of financing of terrorism, the officially supported Export Credit Insurance´s analysis is conditioned to compliance procedures for each export credit operation.

For additional information regarding compliance procedures, access the website of the Executive Secretariat of the Foreign Trade Chamber (SE/CAMEX), of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC).


Since April 12th, 2023 all new Export Credit Insurance operations must be registered on the Portal Único Siscomex´s website through the following link

If you still do not have a registration on the Portal Único Siscomex, proceed with the qualification via the “Sistema Habilita”, available at the following link