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Structured and Project Finance

The main industries that benefit from the performance of the Structured and Project Finance area are: infrastructure, electric power, oil & gas, ethanol, automotive and telecommunications. Any transaction that requires more sophisticated mechanisms for revenue generation, or risk mitigation, will also be allocated to the Structure and Project Finance area.

This includes the transactions with guarantees offered by the CCR (Convênio de Pagamentos e Créditos Recíprocos) of ALADI.

The Structure and Project Finance team is also responsible for transactions within the scope of bilateral agreements signed between Brazilian government and the buyer´s country government.  Such agreements usually set credit limits within the buyer´s country priorities and the most beneficial transactions for its development.

Transaction structuring seeks to establish risk mitigation mechanisms that enable Brazilian government (FGE) to set limits and approve transactions to countries with higher risk ratings.  The structure most often used is the securitization of receivables, where the flows from the buyer’s internal or external sales are provided as guarantee for the repayment of loan installments.